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Encrypted and password protected pages on Jekyll
jekyll ruby

This is a custom plugin for Jekyll to create AES256 CBC encrypted pages that can be decrypted on-the-fly in the browser with a password.

CircleCI deployment to AWS ECS
aws circleci cicd

IAM permissions needed by CircleCI

  • EC2 Container Registry Full Access to repo arn resource
  • EC2 Container Service : RegisterTaskDefinition
  • EC2 Container Service : UpdateService
[Ansible Playbook] Deploy a simple OpenVPN server

Ansible playbook for deploying a simple OpenVPN server + management script.

[Ansible Playbook] Setup UFW to allow only incoming ssh connections

Ansible playbook for quick and basic server protection.

How to solve 'unsupported locale setting' error

Here is how to solve the unsupported locale setting error on Ubuntu.

[Linux] Keep files in memory to super speed-up their access

How to use vmtouch - the Virtual Memory Toucher to keep file or files in memory to super speed-up their access. Eg: sqlite database file or critical web-server resources.